Monday, February 4, 2013

Homework 4/2/2013

Homwork 4/2/2013

1) Please read the article on "The Audacity of Chope" and answer the questions on the GoogleSite spreadsheet (Note: check your email for the link) [Due Tomorrow 5/2/2013]

1) Please complete everything until Page 14 of Worksheet 17 Electricity [Due Tomorrow 5/2/2013]

1) Assignment 3  - Food Consumption Trends [Due Next Lesson 7/2/2013]

Social Studies
1) Timed Essay Question (13m) [Due Next Lesson 6/2/2013]

1) Tutorial 13 [Due Tomorrow 5/2/2013]
2) Update your GoogleSite [Due Today 4/2/2013] (For Ms Teo to see)

- Achievements for Ms Tan to write Testimonial [Due before CNY]
- Please bring Green File to do filing [Due Next Lesson 6/2/2013]
- Please submit GIRO form [Due Tomorrow 5/2/2013]

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