Monday, January 14, 2013

Homework 14/1/13

Hi Guys,

Homework 14/1/2013

1) Start Homework Assignment Pg 14-16
2) Diagnostic Test Tomorrow (Simultaneous Equation, b^2-4ac, Completing the Square)

Chinese: [Due Wednesday 16/1/2013)
1) Penmanship of Paragraph 6
2) Xi Zi

Geography (Due Friday (18/1/2013)
1) Geography WS (Devt)

1) Read textbook on Electrostatic (Due tomorrow)

FOE students (Due Tuesday 15/1/2013)
1) Complete Tutorial
2) Complete Gantt Chart
3) Fill in Specifications and Elaborate your Site Page (Power Supply, Circuit Current, Sensor/Transducer, Transistor Amplifiers, Types of Output

Install Tina Pro Student Version using NP Email
[Email: <NPloginID>]

- Motivational, Career form (For those who have not submitted, due tomorrow)

Please add on if I missed out anything, thanks!

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